Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

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Let’s face it – choosing bridesmaid dresses is almost just as challenging as finding the right wedding dress! Not only do you have to accommodate different shapes, sized and personalities, they have to fit into the theme of the wedding as well.

Luckily, the trend in bridesmaid dresses today is becoming increasingly less formal. The ever popular infinity dress allows every bridesmaid to ware it in a way that suits her, some brides are even opting for bridesmaids dresses that are completely different with only a vague overall theme – providing they look good together!

Not convinced? Take a look at these great combinations:

Same Style, Different shades


mismatched-bridesmaids 2

Different shades and styles, basic color theme

mismatched-bridesmaids 4

mismatched-bridesmaids 5mismatched-purple-bridesmaid-dressesmismatched-bridesmaids 3

Source: The Bride Detective and The Bride Link

 The Infinity Dress

Infinity Dress

Source: White Runway

Donna Morgan Collection

Donna Morgan Collection recently launched the Serenity wedding party collection,  we’re simply loving the metallic accents and the mix of different solid tones with prints, together with different cuts and texture!

donna-morgan-serenity-collection 2

donna-morgan-serenity-collection 3


Source: Wedding Inspirasi

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