Lucky Brides have their Weddings Crashed by Maroon 5!

Real Weddings

On  December 6, 2014 in Los Angeles, the members of Maroon 5 gave several brides a present they’ll never forget!

They came up with the idea for the music video for their track “Sugar”, teaming up with none other than Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin to crash real weddings! In each case they surprised the bride and gusts with an unexpected performance of their new single, followed by an acoustic version of their 2004 single “She Will Be Loved” just for the bride and the groom, making it even more special. Seeing everyone’s reactions as the curtain drops is simply priceless!

Maroon 5 wedding crashers 3

Maroon 5 wedding crashers 2

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According to ET, the band did consult with the grooms beforehand, although they can’t be sure if they were able to keep the secret. At one stage they were actually worried that they might not be well received, wondering “What if we’re ruining someone’s most special day?”, some of the grooms even wanted to cancel the week before.

For each wedding, the production team only had about 20 minutes to enter the location and build the tent, while the band tried to get in unnoticed and set up their equipment behind the curtain, surprising the catering staff too!

Maroon 5 wedding crashers 1

“It was really stressful to arrange all of it, but it was super fun,” Levine told ET’s Kevin Frazier on the Golden Globes red carpet. “It felt good to kind of, you know, surprise these people and make them happy. [We were] happy that they liked our band, too – [that] would have been a total disaster.”

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Source: ET & Wikipedia

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