Dos and Dont’s for the Perfect Bridal Manicure

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With a dazzling diamond ring on your finger – and all the attention that comes with it – one simply cannot afford to skimp on the perfect manicure.

Whether it’s holding your bouquet or showing off your ring, your hands are guaranteed to be in the spotlight on your day so make sure they rise to the occasion!White-Blossoms

To get you on track, here’s a list of the most important things to keep in mind:

Do test out multiple shades and polishes

Find the one that looks just right, and fits perfectly with your dress, flowers and color theme. The shade in the bottle might look different once dry, and there are hundreds of variations of each color!

DO buy more than one bottle

Be sure to have enough of the that perfect polish, you may need to touch up during or after the wedding on your honeymoon.

Do get your nails in shape

Don’t expect your nail technician to work miracles the day before – look after your nails the months leading up to your wedding!

Also, find out what shape looks best on you, either rounded, pointy of square, so you know exactly what you want on the day.

Don’t go too bold

Bold colors can be very distracting, so unless you are very certain you can pull it off rather opt for neutrals, soft pinks or French tips.

Don’t forget hand cream!

Moisturizing your hands is important for looking great on photos, so be sure to have some cream handy before taking those close-up shots of your ring or bouquet.

Do make sure you get a pedicure to match

Keep you look consistent. It is bound to show in the photos, don’t think no one will notice your feet.

Don’t get your nails done too far in advance

Even if your manicures usually last more that a week, you don’t want to take any chances on your big day. Reduce the chances of anything happening to your nails and book your manicure the day before the wedding.

Above all, DO get something that is absolutely you

The most important thing is for you to love your manicure, that it suits you and expresses your personality and style.


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Images: Popsuger

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