Boyfriend of the Year!


This guy just set the bar for original gifts for a girlfriend! To show just how much he loved his girlfriend, one Redditor  wrote 365 little love notes by hand and put them into a jar. He figured, instead of just making her day he would unsure that every morning for the next year she would have a great start to the day  with a special message from her love. What a great idea.

Loveletter Jar

Each message was color coded, either “Moments & memories”, “quotes & lyrics” or “reasons I love you”. They have been together for eight years, so he had more than enough to work with!

The process

“My little work station after 230 notes written and folded. At this stage, the wrist was starting to tire from the writing – but the Jar was starting to take shape. I was especially pleased with how the colours were playing off against each other. Just 135 to go!”

Her reaction? Tears of joys!

If only there were more guys like this out there…

Source: Elite Daily

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