5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

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The main goal: a good relationship The hands down, holy grail,

No. 1 thing to consider when choosing a wedding planner is the relationship between the bride and the consultant.

“The planner and bride have to connect on a personal level,” Flottmeyer says. If the relationship is strong, the planner can speak up during consultations with vendors to help the bride get the options that best suit her style. “I can tell if a business is rubbing the bride the wrong way,” Flottmeyer says.

“I can say, ‘No, she hates it, let’s move on.’”

The best way to determine if your personalities mesh is to shop around for planners. Initial consultations let you get a feel for each other and determine whether or not you will be on the same page during the planning process.

Know what to ask during your consultation Consultations also give you the opportunity to ask how much time the planner will be able to devote to your wedding (some have full-time jobs and plan on weekends, while others might take multiple weddings on the same day), get to know the planner’s past projects, and ask about their education.

“It’s very important to ask if they belong to any associations,” Flottmeyer advises.

“You can’t survive in the industry on your own. You have to network.”

These tips are extremely valuable, read them and take notes, I’m sure you will glad that you did!

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